Stop asking why I’m a bitch I don’t ask why you’re so stupid shirt

  I'm all in. However, I need you to wire me $5000 first making America great, voter suppression by any means necessary The good old boys think they can do and say whatever they want. On Election Day they will be shown different! As head of The Biden Crime Family can you let us know why you sold out our country and what even bigger sellouts are planned if you actually win Election 2020? Yeah as in waving bye, bye! Biden's cracked and his son is a crack head that just screwed the pooch. The Biden Crime Family is done like a duck dinner and, with this news only a couple of days, old you can be sure Donald Trump is going to make certain everyone knows it. Enjoy the next four years, Snowflake. So did Joe Biden during the town hall was it willfully and racist when Biden did it, or this is more of the double standard CNN loves?

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